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Interior Painting FAQ

What type of paint do you use?

We prefer to work with high-quality paint that is both long-lasting and durable. This is why we use Sherwin Williams Emerald or Benjamin Moore Regal Select. This paint delivers a very high-quality, durable, and water-resistant finish. Color and sheen can be whatever you’d like! However, if you’d like to go one tier higher to the top-of-the-line product we enjoy using Fine Paints of Europe Eurolux, just the very best you can find domestically “is not what’s in this paint, is what’s not in this paint” 

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How long does it take?

How long it takes us to complete a job is variable based on many factors such as size, repairs, and techniques used (roller vs spray). We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. High-quality results require meticulous attention to detail and proper prep work. In order to provide those showroom quality results, we do not rush the process or cut corners. We treat your home like our own so it isn’t damaged in the process. 


We know that some companies in our industry provide 1-2 day turnaround times. But they cut corners and do not have the same high-quality results. Depending on the project prep and repairs needs, a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 1000 approx Sqf apartment could take from 1-2 weeks, to paint all areas (not cabinetry) and do it correctly. Typically, we work Monday-Friday but depending on your needs we can discuss weekend work to accommodate your needs. 


We have found that when you do the job correctly, the painting itself doesn’t actually take that long. It is all the prep and clean up that is labor intensive. 


We know time is important to everyone but so is providing superior results. We do our best to keep the disruption to a minimum by keeping the space clean, organized, and as accessible as possible during the process. We will clean up at the end of each day and keep equipment tucked away.

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Interior walls, Ceiling, Trim, Doors Process:

Interior walls with Roller & Brush: Typically, a room the size of 10 by 10 Ft. doing ceiling, walls, trim (baseboards, doorframes, windowsills), and doors will take about 2-3 days (dependind on damage). The process varies slightly if using spraying technique.


step 1: We start with covering and protecting any furniture or surfaces. We remove all window treatments, hooks, light fixtures, outlet/light switch face plates, HVAC grilles, etc, and safely store them out of harms way. All surfaces must be inspected, cleaned, and repaired prior to painting. 


step 2: We patch, sand, and prime every ding and hole in your walls and ceilings. Depending on the condition of your walls, this time can vary. Without properly patching, sanding, and priming prior to painting you will see every imperfection. Depending on the sheen of the paint, these imperfections may actually be accentuated if not properly dealt with. Remember, patching needs proper dry time as well. The larger the patch, the longer it takes to dry between layers of spackle/drywall compound. If you don’t prime the patch, the spackle/mudding will take in more paint resulting in uneven coloring. 


step 3: Prepping trim. All trim must be meticulously prepped: cleaned and patched/caulked, and sanded prior to painting. Otherwise the paint will not adhere properly, resulting in a very streaky or clumpy finish. 


step 4: All Trim, Prime (if needed) and Pain, 2 coats


step 5: Two coats of paint for ceiling and walls


step 6: Inspect, touch up, and clean. We will remove all tape and protective coverings and then clean the area. After it is cleaned we will move furniture back and reinstall anything that was removed during the process: window treatments, outlet/light switch plates, shelving, etc. 

Trim & door spray painting: this method uses the same steps but requires extra masking around the areas to be painted and covering of all items or forniture (if any), resulting on longer prep times but a faster paint application.

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